Sale of gas-fired or electric crucible furnaces, with athanors for the Coction.

The sale of the hand-crafted furnaces and athanors,, will help some of you, and will help finance research on alchemical work , but they should be used within the privacy of your personal work...

For all those who write to us, for the features and price, all will be indicated progressively according to your requests and to the evolutions in progress.

Gas-fired furnace - features (1)

Electric furnace - features (2)

Athanor - features (3)

Gas-fired mini-furnaces with 1000°C (1832°F) - features (4)

information only by snail-mail only: Spagy-nature - (Philosophi per Ignem) " BP6, F-82100 Saint-Aignan, France

Caution: prices include all taxes - Shipping not included