New edition

As an Hermetic science, a secret art, a philosophy coming from the origins of the ages, alchemy constitutes the spiritual science of life

As an esoteric teaching, alchemy does not allow only the transmutation of the base metals into gold, but also the transformation of the alchemist himself, by the subtle and sacred movement specific to any spiritual evolution.

A true initiatory and practical guide, the work of Patrick Rivière is for all those for which Alchemy is, above all, an inward quest which makes it possible to penetrate the secrets of Nature, of the Universe, of Mankind, of Life and Death.

This edition, revised and considerably increased , reveals the invaluable particular processes of the Greek alchemists "to produce alchemical gold", as well as other receipts which were until today kept secret.

Patrick Rivière , hermeneutic philosopher, took part, as a specialist of Alchemy, in several international university conferences devoted to this topic, in particular at the university of Glasgow, in June 98. He is the author of (in French): Saint-German and Cagliostro; Secrets of the Graal; the Templers; Paracelsius, all published by the editions de Vecchi.PRICE: 15,09 Euros Including V.A.T.

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