L'art des particuliers

Patrick Rivière

Alchimie et Archimie (in French)

L'Art des Particuliers,

des teintures auriques


Manual of practical processes to produce archymical Gold and Silver, following the true methodes of the ancient philosophers

Ed du Cosmogone

Alchemy or " art to make gold " using the mysterious Philosopher's stone did not fascinate mankind, during centuries. It is advisable however to clearly differentiate thr spiritual " Art of Hermès " from a quantity of " particular archymical processes " (but not alchemical) which ingeniousness secretly resulted in increasing and in falsifying the noble metals, namely Gold (thanks to a coral-red gold) and Silver (by the bleaching of brass).

Patrick Rivière enumerates in this book more than one hundred of these " particular processes " which have been mostly designed during the hellenistic period by the alchemist-goldsmiths of Alexandria. They were carefully collected in papyruses and manuscripts translated at the end of the XIX th century by the famous scientist Marcelin Berthelot, which he revealed in his considerable work devoted to the origins of medieval Alchemy. It was fair to offer to the public this work not to be found anymore. The vacuum is now filled with the publication of this work.

This book includes, moreover, " the particulars " emanating from the largest alchemists or scholars at their time, such as: Raymond Lullius, Basil Valentine, Blaise de Vigenère, J.B. Carried, J Cardan, Odomar, Rhazes, Michel Psellos...

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