Ars Brevis Philosophici
Ars brevis

This opuscule remains priceless by the richness of its alchemical content . The author, a contemporary adept (from " adeptus ": the one who possesses the Stone), remained in anonymity and dissimulates behind the pseudonym of Pyrazel , renews again here with the great hermetic Tradition of the last centuries. Thus one can say without exaggeration that he is the Cyliani of the XXI° century.

Pyrazel represents the perfect "Philosopher by the fire" (Philosophus per ignem) who shares charitably with the readers " the short path" drawn from the Great Work by "the dry path" which he achieved successfully.

He describes here the short Art ("Ars Brevis") from which it stems directly and which he consecutively discovered with its adeptness. Having also realized it successfully, his success proves to be total.

This "alchemical path" is thus taught for the very first time and this, at the beginning of the Third Millenium. Pyrazel presents it with these words: " For the Child of Sapience, studious and respectful, it is not needed to accomplish a long and tiresome work, sown with obstacles placed intentionally to mislead the unworthy ones in their impious quest... "

Text followed by an extract of the invaluable "Tractat " from Toeltius.

Illustration cover: PYRAZEL: "Philosophal Gold and Elixir Vitae "